Cool Tips to Pick Best Jewelry Which Really Suits You

Cool Tips to Pick Best Jewelry Which Really Suits You

Women use jewelry either to look rich or to look beautiful but there is one more thing to be noticed, which is leaving an impression. Wearing jewelry is just not enough, the women need to select the jewelry with their dresses while keeping in mind a number of instruction provided by designers and fashion icons.

Though it is compulsory to select the jewelry according to your face shape, your neck structure and skin tone, pairing the jewelry with a certain kind of outfit are difficult. It is easy to choose the best clothes for an occasion or event, but it is definitely easy to choose good jewelry. What jewelry you should wear at certain moments is going to be discussed below.

  1. Keep it Simple

The simple looks more elegant, more beautiful. Either you are wearing a black dress or white dress, you must keep it simple by choosing three major colored pieces of jewelry such as black, white and golden. If you are wearing a black, low neck dress then go with a combination of white and gold jewelry or choose the jewelry of any color among both. Go with plain gold necklace or earrings and maybe both as well with a long and plain white gown.

  1. Wear Jewelry According to Skin Tone

While buying jewelry for yourself, take notes that if it looks really beautiful on you, or it is just a bad fashion. There are jewelries of different colors which are made for unique skin tones but most of the women are not even familiar with this fact.

For the warm skin tones, green, orange and yellow gemstones are suitable while for matte skin tone, the gold jewelry is the best option. The natural skin notes look more radiant with silver jewelry and on the other hand, purple, blue, red gemstones and white gold jewelries are made for the women with cooler skin tones. The purpose of making classes and ranges in jewelries is to make sure that women of each complexion look equally beautiful and attractive.

  1. Wear According to the Climate

If you really want to leave a good impression on the people, then choose your jewelry very carefully according to the weather you are experiencing. The heavy necklace feels odd in hot summer while the very simple and casual jewelry in winter sometimes does not leave a good impression.

As every woman knows that in summers, wearing light colored clothes is a wisdom, so try pairing blue topaz or green peridot with such kind of cool colors. Use different colors for your winter attire, such as wear good and white colored jewelry.

  1. Choose jewelry to Match your face

This something very important to be done while buying jewelry. For elongated face, use oval, triangular or square earrings so that the perfect volume would be added near the cheekbones. If you have a rectangular face, choose the longer earrings such as loops, hearts, chandeliers or the large ovals.

The square shaped face also requires the longer earrings while for rounded face select earrings of geometrical shapes like triangle, square, oval or rectangular earrings. It is necessary enough to consider your face shape while buying the earrings others, the wrong type can destroy the fashion sense.

To look charming is important and to look modern also is. So why not choose best jewelry according to the clothes, occasions and climates to rock the look completely. Hope that these tips were informative enough for you, kindly visit, if you want to know more about the jewelry and clothing.

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