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Tips To Selecting Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are a symbol of class and elegance. They also represent romance and love. Furthermore, they make the most attractive gifts to give a loved one, and they last forever.  However, finding genuine and the highest quality white gold diamond earrings is not an easy feat for many buyers, especially when choosing honest sellers from the hundreds of online sellers.

When choosing your diamond studs, you should have complete confidence first in the vendor for you to trust the quality of the jewelry. A reliable vendor will ensure that it goes through all stages ranging from rough to finished jewelry, before a pair lands onto your hands.

As much as the internet has both fraudsters and genuine sellers, it is the most convenient place to shop for the best and unique white gold diamond earrings.

Why White Gold Diamond Earrings Stand Out

White gold diamond earrings have long-lasting durability, making them a better option than silver. They are also tougher than natural gold mixed with other metals, including nickel or platinum. Moreover, they have more shine than all their other counterpart metals, and they feature a wide selection of varying pieces ranging from studs to dangling and hoops that suit all occasions.

Furthermore, wearing white gold diamond earrings provide you with authentic luxury to accessorize your style to elevate your elegance to an entirely new level. However, you have to look for the perfect pair of white gold diamond earrings in online and in-store shops that deal exclusively with high-quality jewelry.

Diamond Earrings Selection Tips

Diamond studs, including white gold diamond studs, are among the most versatile jewelry pieces on the market. Studs, unlike dangling or hoop earrings, have conservative designs allowing the gemstones to be more prominent.

Moreover, they add luxury and style to any look, irrespective of whether your dressing is casual or formal.  The following tips will help you to find the perfect diamond earrings match.

  • Budget

Having a budget in place before you go shopping is essential because it will determine the earrings’ size, quality, and metal. Quality diamond earrings do not come cheap though you can still find good ones that go for as low as $200.

The prices range from $200 to over $20,000, so start by filtering what you want by price. One of the main things that determine the price is the carat weight. Larger carat diamond earrings will therefore cost more than lower carat diamonds.

  • 4 C’s of Diamond

The 4 C’s of diamond also play a huge role in choosing the perfect pair of diamond earrings. The C’s are color, clarity, cuts, and carat weight.

Carat weight is the actual weight of the gemstone used in the earrings. Earrings with larger carats are rarer and more expensive. The majority of diamond stud earrings feature stones with a range of 0.10 to 2.5 carats, though a selected few feature more than four carats.

The earrings come in various colors, including yellows, blues, pinks, and blacks, with the colorless diamonds being the purest and the most expensive.

Clarity is the gemstone conditions given with letter grades ranging from flawless (FL) to Included (I). Budget-friendly diamond studs with clarity ratings of I1 or I2, look perfect to the naked eye, but they come with hidden flaws.

Cuts and shapes give the earrings the signature diamond sparkle that you do not find in many other metals. The grading ranges from excellent to low depending on the amount of sparkle on the diamond. Larger shaped diamonds with brilliant and round cuts come with maximum sparkle and, of course, steeper prices.

  • Base Settings

Base settings from other metals such as gold, silver, and platinum help create varying gold shades that include white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold that add more glamor and uniqueness to the earrings. Other settings include bezel and prong.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the occasion, diamond earrings are the perfect jewelry pieces to accessorize your wardrobe for an elegant and stylish look. They are versatile, come in complementary shapes and sizes with a sparkle that you will not get from other metals. If you want a more glamorous look, you can buy the elegant white gold diamonds with a unique base setting that makes you easily noticeable. Finally, choose your diamond earrings vendor wisely.

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