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Top 10 Celebrity Styles for Perfect Gentlemen

Celebrities are always followed by the fans fort he style and sometimes for each and every detail from head to toe. There has been some well known celebrities that has been followed by a large number of people for fashion and adapting the latest trends of fashion. The following celebrities has manifested a great sense of fashion which was later adapted by the individuals.

Drake has always given an innovation in style for the gentlemen. The fashion industry must be than kful to him for giving the gentlemen a sense of styling themselves with a wide range of colors meanwhile maintaining the muscularity elements. Many individuals copy him as an inspiration when it comes to fashion and style. He has his own brand as well.

Eddie has a great and unique way to carry himself. He has been seen in the designer wear as well in casuals. With the perfect haircut and classic shoes, he always manage to stay in the limelight when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

Luke Evans has been several time nominated as the well dressed and the handsome actor. His sense of style has always assisted him in being at number one in the fashion industry and is a role model himself for the designers.

Connor wear everything so gracefully. He put a lot of focus on the details of each thing he wear. He is always a great assistance for the fashion lovers. From the sun glasses to the choice of tie he is a complete institution for the fashionistas.

Tom Hiddleston is a new face in the industry. He changed the fashion sense for the gentlemen by introducing a new stuff for the formal suits. He is very much involved in bringing a whole new fashion trends in the industry.

Nick Grim Shaw has introduced biker jackets as the new trend in the fashion industry. He rock in whatever he wears. The slim fitted two button suit is the best thing he poured into the fashion trends and many gentlemen has been adapting this new trendy look from him.

From pair down polos to the snappy suits and the jeans, James Cordon has all the guts to carry them in a graceful manner. He has been a style icon for many who have filled their wardrobes with a variety of different attires this summer.

Benedict has all the grace a true gentlemen should have. He focus on every detail and even each accessory he wear in his hands. He has his own sense of style, which his fans follow. He has contributed a lot in giving new trends to the fashion industry this year.

It has been said that Jared Leto is far more good in updated style than his rest of the mates. With a wide variety of color choice, he has a good way of wearing jackets and blazers with his attires.

Jack has a very fearless attitude and this attitude is also manifested in his attire. His bold style has always been an inspiration for so many gentlemen.

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