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Top 10 Fashionable Couples of Hollywood

The most beautiful and stylish Hollywood couples make us feel aww and jealous with their great taste regarding fashion. Celebrity couples have often inspired us with their fashion, but some of the most stylish and fashionable celebrity couples are below:

1.     Victoria and David Beckham

These two can undoubtedly be calledas the masters of fashion trends. Victoria’s great sense of fashion has become so famous that now Victoria is known more for being a fashion designer than a singer who belonged to the group Spice Girls. She has even appeared in von British Vogue many times. Not just Victoria, but David also has a great sense of fashion as people can never forget the nylon shell suits that he used to wear at the beginning of his football career that made him one of the stylish football player. They have been seen coordinating their looks while attending many awards shows including the British Fashion Award Shows in London. They even looked stylish at their wedding and Victoria is among those few celebrities who ditched the traditional gowns on her wedding.

2.     Joe Jones and Sophia Turner

Jones and Turner often dress themselves in ways that make them look really cool and causal. They have even got into the trend of coordinated couple’s styles. This couple even shines the most in outwear. They have been spotted wearing bomber or denim jackets even at the same time. They often dress alike which makes them look cute and cool.

3.     Zain Malik and Gigi Hadid

This couple is one of the most favorite and most admirable fashionable couples of all times. They have often coordinated their looks at many occasions which make them look nothing but cheesy. They have taken their fashion styles to a completely different level. This couple has also given us the flashback of old school fashion with their matching outfits.

4.     Beyonce and Jay Z

This couple is not only the world’s most famous and wealthy couple but is the most stylish. Both Beyonce and Jay-Z has great fashion sense. There is no doubt in saying that Beyonce is the queen of fashion who can set fashion and beauty trends all around the world. Beyonce always looks very stylish and glamorous when she is off duty and Jay-Z can pull off a tux with great ease and charisma. At the NYC premiere, the couple stole the show with their elegant fashion as Beyonce wore Elie Saab gown and Jay-Z wore a black suit.

5.     Angelina Jolie and Bratt Pit

Jolie and Pit are the world’s most popular couple. Both have a great combination of good looks, charms, charisma, grace, and style. Both have even appeared in several magazines cover that also includes fashion magazines. The couple has often coordinated their looks at different award ceremonies. They are the style icons and can be called as the king and queen of thered carpet.

6.     Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kanye is responsible for the beautiful outfit of Kim Kardashian, and she credits him for astyle overhaul. They are believed to be the Hollywood most notorious couple.

7.     Amal Alamuddin& George Clooney

This newly-wed couple quickly gains popularity for their style and fashion. They also won the title of amost dapper couple in the town.

8.     Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

One of the most fashionable Hollywood couples on the Earth is Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Both of them share a versatile sense of fashion which brings them to list of top 10 fashionable Hollywood couple. They actually complement each other due to their outstanding fashion taste.

9.     Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

This cute celebrity couple lies in the list of top 10 most fashionable Hollywood couple. People cannot get their eyes off from this young celebrity couple. These love birds attract theattention of the entire world due to their styling.

10.   Rose Huntington- Whitley & Jason Statham

 Both Statham and Whitley are an eye-candy for the entire Hollywood. Their daring and sophisticated style bring them to the list of the top 10 fashionable couples of Hollywood.

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