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Top 20 All-Time Fashion Fads

There are many fashion trend that carry a legacy of centuries. These fashion fads are the essence of different civilizations and often vary from one civilization to another civilization. These fashion fads are also differ in one culture than the other culture. There are many contributing factors in setting certain trends as fashion fads. The following fashion fads are very important part of the Middle East as well as the European trends.


It came with different names in the whole Middle East. It is a long robe and mostly came in white color. It is a very comfortable attire used in the dessert area and in hot weather. It is basically wore by men or most specifically the Arabs.


Miniskirt has always been in fashion in the European state. It was introduced as a fashion trend in London in the late 1950s. It has been a very classy dress code for the women. The ladies of the royal families also wear miniskirts on different occasions.


Pashmina is a specific fabric mostly common in the northern areas of India and Pakistan. With globalization, these shawls of Pashmina has been become common in Europe as well. They come in different colors and styles that could be wear on the tops as a scarf or stroller. They are very catchy and vibrant.

Panama hat:

Hats are always the important part whenever it comes to style and fashion related to men. May it be cow boy hats or any other kind of hats, they always give a trendy look to the individual and has been a fashion fad since eons.


Denim was introduced by France. These are always the part of fashion. The different varieties of denim in the shirts, hoodies and jeans has made it and part of the fashion trends in all the years and the coming years as well. All the famous brands are introducing denims in a different way for not only men but also for the women. In the fashion realm denims can not be excluded from the fashion trends. They are and will always be fashion fades. The craze for denims can never be fade and will always remain the part of the fashion trends.

Cowboy’s boots:

In the places where winters are always at its peak. The trendy cowboy’s boots are always a must part of the attire. The men as well as the women both love to wear cowboy boots in winters as they look very classy and are very comfortable as well. These boots came in different styles and colors. Most of the time they are available in pure leather stuff with the original color of the leather. 

Aloha Shirt:

Aloha shirt was introduced by Chinese. It came up with different prints and look very cool with colorful patterns. The young boys and girls always love to wear it because of the comfort and the vibrant range of the aloha shirts. These shirts with unique styles has always been a part of the fashion fads.

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