Top 5 Fashion Blogs to Understand Bollywood Fashion

In the contemporary it has become a perquisite to be successful in every walk of life to be updated with each and every detail of fashion. There are many individuals who always try to follow the very latest trend in the fashion, they are always in the need of some assistance in this regard. For all such people the fashion blogs is the best source to get all the fashion related news and updates with few clicks. The people who wants to follow and adapt the Bollywood fashion, there has been certain blogs that are very helpful. The following lines will unfold the details of the top fashion blogs that will be very helpful for the better understanding of the Bollywood fashion.

Why to follow some blog?

The answer is simple, fashion is a very dynamic thing. It changes its trends every few days. To remain updated with the best trends of fashion, it is essential to follow a blog. All the information related to the fashion are there on the blogs. With the colorful images these blogs not only assist in updating with the fashion but also provide the guideline to adapt those fashion trends.

The top fashion blogs:

Akanksha Redhu:

The girl herself is the owner of the fashion blog. It was formed in back 2010. It shares all the fashion and that of the lifestyle to, which is the essence of the current era of fashion industry. This blog helps not only in choosing the best outfit but also assist in wearing new styles and dressing up from head to the toes.

Fashion oomph:

This has been considered as one of the best fashion blog. This blog has some phenomenal fashion and trends related tutorials that has always assisted the viewers of the blog. There are also many fashion stories in the blog. All the latest news pertaining to the Bollywood fashion is in the blog.

Vanity no Apologies:

This blog was also launched in 2010. With in no time this blog because of the quality of work it contains gained tremendous momentum. It has some amazing reviews related to each new product and brand in the fashion industry. All the information pertaining to the celebrity fashion and their products are updated in the blog.


It is one of the most trustworthy blog when it comes to men’s fashion and the latest trends. The owner of the blog himself is a fashion analyst and got a degree in the field as well. Therefore, the sense of style manifested in his blog is always innovative and new.

Guilty bites:

This is a very famous blog. It has more than sixty thousand followers. The blog has are the variety of stuff required by the fashionistas. The blog contain amazing DIY tutorials to make beautiful hair styles and playing with the color and texture of the hair. It has tutorials related to the dressing sense and the different themes. All the details pof fashion are covered in this blog.



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