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What is CRO? How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with the Help of SEO


Getting higher conversion rates is the ultimate goal of any business or organization. Without this, there remain no motives behind designing good websites, uploading content, or other efforts. 

But, every website owner wants to know how to achieve maximum conversion rates. It is not rocket science, but SEO for business that leads to optimal conversions. We’ll find out how in the next sections.

What is conversion rate optimization?

To start with, let’s understand the basic concept of conversions. Conversions happen when users perform desired actions. Simply put, when they click on call-to-action on your website or a web app like subscribe, buy, sign in, add to cart, click links, etc. 

Further, the conversion rate is something the number of visiting users to the ones who become your leads or buyers. CRO is maximizing the conversion rates using different strategies or techniques.

Ways to Improve your conversion rates using SEO

CRO and SEO are a match made in heaven. The main focus of SEO audit services is to optimize your content for search engines and achieve higher rankings. The other side of the coin is, CRO which puts all the flashlights on users to optimize content for completing the call to action. 

In reality, SEO marketers need to give the best user experience for search engines to know that your content is relevant for users. Accordingly, search engines decide rankings of the web page. So, it’s more or less like you need to pass the same phase of the journey to be on the top.

Let’s find out how:

Work on page load time

Slow page loading time is the biggest factor responsible for higher bounce rates. With 1 second delay in your opening up, you could lose many of your potential customers. Why is it so? 


It is information overload and high-speed internet time. A slow page could be a disaster for your site, frustrating your users considerably. Now, how to improve your website speed?

  • Compress your images to the extent that it doesn’t deteriorate overall quality. Also, it doesn’t put the load on the server.
  • Check your CSS and HTML coding. Remove any unnecessary codes to improve the efficiency of the page.
  • If your number of users is increasing, it’s time to change your web hosting. In this way, you can accommodate extra resources. 

These all factors will stop users from leaving the page. A good user experience will compel them to be your repetitive customers.


Use visuals to engage the audience for a long

Plain text is a lot difficult to digest. On the other hand, information assisted by convincing visuals gives a boost to the human mind. 


But, why?

The human mind can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Infographics, images, and videos can stick users from starting till the end. 

One thing is for sure, images or videos must complement the written information. Otherwise, it will lose its flavor in between. It is best to apply visuals to assist content structure and flow.

It will entice visitors to click on the call to action button mostly present in between or at the end. 

Evergreen and high-quality content works the best for CRO.

Evergreen content is the best antidote for search engine algorithm changes. Search engines like Google, Yahoo keep on changing their algorithms to provide the most relevant results to users.

Now, people are fond of high-quality content that matches their journey and addresses their pain points. So, it is best to cover evergreen and well-strategized information to be at the top of SERP results. 

It will help you establish yourself as a brand, and users will prefer to purchase things from you. Other than that, promote your content on social media to get a great collection of the target audiences.

Also, high-quality shows your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT). It matters a lot for improving website rankings and enhancing online visibility. 


Add long-tail keywords for answering queries better.

Long-tail keywords are more specific to user queries. There are higher chances of getting more conversions with long-tail keywords. There is less competition but closer to user demands.


Keep on updating content for the latest insights to visitors.

Consistent updating of content improves the reliability in the eyes of both search spiders and users.


Search engines know that fresh content is available for users. And it displays the pages at several places like people also ask, featured snippets, video, and image search. So, updated content proves beneficial from every aspect. The enhancement in trust ratio gets to your clicks at CTAs, click to call or text, etc. 


Key Takeaways

CRO and SEO deliver results when they travel in the same boat by giving a boost to one another. Good visuals and content that matches with buyers’ journey can help to get more conversions. 


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