Why Every Woman Needs to Keep a Self-Discovery Journal: 7 Powerful Benefits to Journaling


Journaling can be such a powerful tool, and it’s as simple as taking a few moments out of your day to put pen to paper. Scribbling down your thoughts, feelings and reflections has been practiced for literally hundreds of years, pretty much since paper and writing instruments were invented! So why do so many of us shrug it off in favor of an extra ten minutes of generic scrolling time? Once you’ve read these seven powerful benefits, you’ll never do that again, promise. Here are some of the most amazing advantages of frequent journaling…


Getting insight into who you are and what’s going on inside is so incredibly valuable. Too often we reserve insight for the moments when we are experiencing trauma or emotional crisis, and on our good days, we neglect to even consider it. By taking the time and really asking yourself who you are consistent, you’ll be able to look back and learn an awful lot about yourself across a trajectory of time!


We’re all terrible when it comes to sitting with negative confrontations or big events that go on in our day to day lives, but we’re also bad at reflecting properly on anything positive that happens to us. Scribbling down a few reflections helps us to take our circumstances out of our heads and put them onto the page, and during the process you’re going to have a clearer idea of what happened which helps to reinforce that memory of yours, which is always important.


As you’re penning out your reflections and insights, you’re going to notice that your hand seems to keep writing out musings without much conscious input from you at all – this is known as the stream of consciousness, and its a very interesting tool for discovery. You’ll uncover thoughts, feelings and opinions that you really didn’t even know where there!


How do you stop snapping people’s heads off or getting unreasonable angry when sitting in traffic? A healthy emotional outlet is your answer! Your journal is the perfect place to get those feelings out in the open without judgment or justifications, just pure emotions out on the page! This will air out your mood and stop you from pushing your feelings down, where they can bubble to the surface at any moment.




A lot of people fail to see the real power that organisation has, but once your life comes out of step you’ll see that being organised is actually one of the cornerstones of living a happy and healthy life. Keeping meetings, timings, diet and exercise in check will have you feeling in control and better than ever, promise.


Sometimes, you just need to put a tricky scenario or alteration to bed, and a diary or bullet journal is a great means of doing that without having to hash up issues from the past with someone that you’d rather not do that with. Closure is so important for letting things go and moving on with your life.


We all need a little inspiration, and the best way to get it is in the form of aspiration. Having goals to work towards will keep you on the straight and narrow even on days when you’re feeling less than motivated.


With these seven benefits on offer, it’s a wonder that everyone doesn’t spend all their time journaling! Whether you want a traditional free form method, a graphic outlet or you want to derive some structure from a customised bullet journal, writing it out is going to help you an awful lot.

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