Women’s Fashion Gide

One thing is sure that women like fashion and shopping. They will do anything to learn about the newest trend or what’s hot in fashion this week. Women are always changing their styles to the latest fashion trend. But women who rely on the internet or magazines to learn about the trend can be a little behind time because trends change within seconds. However, some trends are timeless and stay with us forever, but some are reviving in this season. We are going to mention those who have revived in this season and are also timeless.

Here is a list of all fantastic fashion styles that we love with all our heart and are ageless;

  1. Vintage fashion style:this is one of the cutest fashion styles which came to us from the past (more like a blast from the past). It consists of pinup clothing, flapper dresses, retro swimsuits, indie clothing, and much more. The vintage look is the result of fashion which was popular in from the ’20s to ’70s. This is the fashion style which fought the test of time and won the battle because it is still loved in the 21st century especially by the celebrities, on various occasions a lot of celebrities have worn vintage style clothing like Dita Von and Taylor Swift.
  2. Chic fashion style: the characteristics of chic is that this style is fashionable and trendy. This style will make you look brilliant and striking amongst the public. But, whoever decides to opt for this style needs to make sure that you have a perfectly tailored dress. This style is pretty classy; it includes bold colors which are not profligate. This style means that you are casual but not in a casual way. Being a part of this fashion implies that you a style symbol.
  3. Bohemian fashion style: bohemian fashion style is another word for non-traditional fashion. This artistic style uses colorful, wild, hippie, exotic, and floral patterns and textures to look beautiful. This style is also called the ‘Boho’ style; you can see that this style got its inspiration from gypsy and hippies. A lot of celebrities rock this look like Karlie Kloss and Vanessa.
  4. Artsy fashion style: the name of this fashion suggests; this style includes beautiful independent creativity of the person who is wearing it. In this way, people can make a bold statement of their own by their choice of clothes. The creator of the fashion doesn’t follow a traditional style but go for unconventional leads. They don’t fall into any restrictions because they create their path of exciting fashion. You can mix and match anything in this style.
  5. Casual fashion style: casual style combines comfortable and elegant clothing. This simple style has been the favorite of many women for the past many years. Women who like casual fashion styles don’t like the bohemian or chic fashion; instead, they like simple things which have their class. These women prefer accessory with simple dresses like a simple white striped shirt with a black pant and matching glasses and a watch. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone are huge fans of casual style.

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