Meet George GStar: World’s Youngest & Most Influential Entrepreneur

World has a lot of entrepreneurs but today the one who is worth talking about is the world’s youngest and most influential entrepreneur. Yes, we are talking about George GStar who has achieved a lot before the age of 30 which is quite a big achievement. He is also an international speaker on leadership, real estate investing, social dynamics and automation too. In AUM, his 8 privately held companies are managing over $140 million.


He was raised in a middle class family by a single mother. He was a resident of both New York and Florida and since childhood he aimed to be a businessman. Talking to an interview, he told at a very young age he had to take step towards earning income so that is why because of struggling from a very young age, he is now the youngest and most successful businessman. He gives all the credit to his mother for his success because she played both the mom and dad role in his life very perfectly. Till the age of 13, he had won many local boxing awards but the focus was only the business.


His story is so inspirational and shocking at the same time too because he managed to make $150-180 million in a young age. His most major business is real estate while others are metal recycling and logistics. He has made a personal portfolio of real estate which is work $65 million. He believes that real estate is a business which requires money to be invested. No money, means no real estate business and hence no profits. The real estate business success cannot be achieved over a night or within a short period of time.

There is a lot of money require to buy the assets for real estate and then sale them out or whatever you plan to do. In short, the real estate business is the most beneficial one among other fields of business but it really needs a good amount of money to be started. His real estate holdings are located in many states such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Costa Rica, Miami and New York. His Silicon Valley penthouse which he bought in $5.6 million, earned him about $7 million after just few months. He made $1 million+ by living in a house because he knows when it is right to sell your property and when to not. He owns about 300 real estate properties in Florida.

Important Strategies

He has some serious and important strategies in life which he had followed to become successful and thinks that every new comer in the field of real estate business should follow them. He says that you should never sell your property in a low cost just by the pressure of the customers. You should learn how to deal with the minds of the customers and emphasize them to buy your property in the cost you have set. Secondly, he recommends that keep focus on the time when properties are sold in higher price.

The seasonal purchases and sales of the property should be in your knowledge so that you could earn more following it. Lastly, he believes that you should collect enough money to start your own real estate business because you cannot do well in this field if you have not proper investment. So collect enough money by doing jobs and try to make yourself independent at a very young age in order to achieve more than you, and the others expect from you

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