How Wrong Fashion Choices Make You look Older

How Wrong Fashion Choices Make You look Older

No woman would like to dress up to look unattractive and old. The accessories, jewelry, and clothing lie in the range of trend and keep changing according to each new fashion introduced. But some fashion trends remain the same till ages because they actually have something extremely fascinating which never gets old and stays in the limelight forever. The fashion consultant and stylist, Tracy Clifford said that the best fashion items are ageless and timeless.

Keeping things real and simple is far better than trying the over trends which really make you look like unnatural. The fashion must be classy, glamorous and very enchanting. The common mistakes are made by women where they pair wrong jewelry or pick the wrong dress for them.

Especially the wrong jewelry selection makes them look older and here we are going to talk about such few fashion trends which only portray you as an older lady.

  1. Pearls

Well, the strands of pearls had remained the most followed and loved fashion trend by the rich and high-class women. Even the women who wanted to look rich used to wear the strands of big white pearls, but now things have started changing. Those strands of pearls no more receive a yes from the stylists and fashion consultant but yes, they can be paired with some metal necklace of some gold color to give a rocking look. These pearl strands are clearly subjected to be old fashioned and wearing them makes women look much older than their age.

  1. Vintage Clothing

The old fashion trends might be your favorite in the current age but you have to say goodbye to all those bell bottoms, polyester, boxy clothes, and pastel florals because vintage inspired clothes are in the trend right now but not the original vintage ones. It is good to add some part of your favorite most fashion trend from past decades but if you are going to follow up the complete vintage attire, then you would end up looking older in this period of time no matter how much you personally love your look.

  1. Heavy Jewelry Sets

Do not dare to go with the jewelry sets in this modern age as it will never bag you a lot of appreciation but the fashion police would end up labeling you an “aunt”. It does not mean you start avoiding necklaces completely, just change the earrings and try some other metal and color to make a trendy contrast.

  1. Clunky Shoes

Though they are super comfortable but it does not mean they have a boring appearance and give a dumpy look. You should select the comfortable, yet stylish shoes for you because these shoes are straight way towards the old look.

  1. Eyewear

Please give up on those old fashioned and really unlovely pair of eyeglasses. The newly designed and very stylish specs are introduced with the time being because it is a part of fashion as well, everything involves fashion in it. Your shoes, clothes and jewelry is on point but if specs are making you look old, you just lost the fashion game already.

So these were a few alarming fashion trends which are actually taking you towards the wrong side and rather than making you look like a fashion diva. It is very necessary to pick what is going in the current trend and suits your personality too.

Dress up, do makeover and match the suitable jewelry with your look to leave impression, not looking an old lady who has no fashion sense. Visit for training on eyelash lifting, mani-pedi, waxing, facial and Swedish massage, this would help you to be your own beauty expert and start you own saloon.

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