Youth Centered Around The World: Benigna Parfums.

Everything You Need To Know About Youth Centered Around The World: Benigna Parfums.

A tech-inspired luxury perfume brand have crowd-sourced their next future perfume bottle designs as a “Perfume Bottel Design STEM Project” with the reward of up $6000 for the youth around the world to BeEagle STEM & Kind Foundation”

Benigna Parfums is a unique luxury designer perfume brand. The design will be inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to create a tech-inspired look

The pre-launch includes 5 lines of fragrances from the Charged Up collection. For these lines, the inspiration comes from wanting to steer the youth in a positive and life-changing direction.

We are now executing something never been done before in the fragrance industry; we are involving the next generation in the design of one of our fragrance bottles. By crowd-sourcing our bottle designs as a “STEM Project” for the youth, we not only engage the youth in STEM activities and increase their interest in the same but also to give the youth the power and pride of being part of something disruptive in the beauty industry” says Benigna, the inspirational founder behind the brand.

As part of this opportunity, Benigna Parfums is giving a reward of up to $6,000 for the designs that are selected as the bottles for Benigna Parfums. In this project, participants will be designing perfume bottles that are tech-inspired.

Participants are to create 2-D and 3-D models of the bottle and show volume calculations for the dimensions used in the design. The goal is for them to leverage science, technology, engineering, mathematics as well as their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to create something unique and powerful and never been in the market.

Benigna Parfums is centered around the youth around the world and our first fragrance “Charged Up” is up for grabs. Charged Upholds a significant place in Benigna Parfums’ revolutionary vision because it not only represents our entry into the fragrance industry with the fire and desire to give the customers something new while creating a massively positive impact, it also represents what we wish for our customers to feel when they try the fragrances for themselves.

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