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What is the Best Thing to Clean Your Best Washing Machine With?


Most consumers buy washing machines with a singular thought – that their lives will be made easier as they can relax while the clothes are being washed. When you buy a washing machine with the latest technology, there is no doubt about the excitement you initially feel.

However, even with the best Indian washing machine, your excitement may soon wane when you realize that your wash load, instead of exuding an aroma like that of blossoms, smells like wet clothes that have sat for a while. To maintain a washing machine, in terms of its cleanliness which is paramount to the hygiene of your clothes, you have to rely not just on the self-cleaning function that most washers tout, but on your own cleaning too. 

Does self-cleaning work?

While you are shopping for a washer, say an LG washing machine, the price may be the first consideration and you look for one with features and specifications that would make your washing experience effortless. Consumers rarely think that washing machines themselves need regular cleaning.

Although great machines – front loaders and top loaders come with self-cleaning cycles, according to most consumers, these don’t do a great self-hygiene job. 

The need to clean

The best Indian washing machine you buy – or at least the best one for you, will ultimately need your cleaning touch to keep it spic and span. Everyone wants that aroma of fresh just-washed laundry, and you can get this by regular cleaning. Over long periods, especially if your use is frequent, washing machines do accumulate dirt. Scum from soap builds up, for starters.

Learning how to keep your washing machine refreshed is essential to avoid foul smells, mold, and grime. You can deep-clean both top loaders and front loaders, and it’s not as challenging as you may think.

The two most important ingredients that you require for your washing machine hygiene are baking soda and vinegar. These substances may sound like age-old remedies – and they are, but if you use them to clean your washer twice a year, your machine will be fine. 

Front-loading machine cleaning

You may have spent your savings on the best LG washing machine, the price being factored in your purchase, and believe that this appliance will do all the work. While it will wash your clothes effectively, it does need tending to. This is how to clean your front loader:

  1. Cleaning supplies – You will require baking soda, distilled white vinegar, a spray bottle, a cloth made of microfibers, and a toothbrush.
  2. White vinegar spray – Spritz the interior of your washing drum with white vinegar in the spray bottle. Wipe it down with a cloth made of microfibre. Don’t miss any areas. White vinegar can tackle build-up, stains due to hard water, grease, and residue. 
  3. Rubber gaskets – The seals that surround the door – rubber gaskets need serious cleaning. These tend to collect dirt, grime, mildew, and hair. You can just wipe this clean with your spray and cloth. 
  4. Run your machine – To deep clean further, pour two cups of vinegar into the detergent dispenser. Now run your machine on its hottest temperature at the longest cycle. After this, repeat the same thing, but with baking soda (a half cup) directly poured into your washer’s drum. 
  5. The door – Wipe your washer’s door and leave it ajar to let the machine air out. 

To-load washer cleaning

No matter what you think is the best Indian washing machine, you have to vigorously clean it yourself. This keeps it working longer and better. Your top loader is a tad easier to clean than a front loader, and you won’t strain your back. This is what you must do:

  1. Cleaning material – You need the same cleaning supplies as you do for front load machines, but the process is a bit different. 
  2. Into the tub – Program your top loader at its hottest setting and its highest. Then, pour four cups of white vinegar into the tub and switch it on. Just after you turn it on, the tub will fill up with water, and just as it’s about to start, pause the wash program. Let it just sit for one hour. 
  3. While you wait – In the interim, you can clean all the surfaces of your machine with white vinegar. Pay extra attention to the dispensers used for detergent and fabric conditioners. Use a toothbrush to get at all the hard-to-reach spots. 
  4. Run your machine – After an hour has elapsed, run your machine. Repeat another run after this first one, but using a cup of baking soda. Lift the lid up and keep it open for the machine to air out. 

The above methods will help you thoroughly clean your washing machine. By following the steps mentioned, you can ensure that the washer remains in top shape for a long time, while your clothes do not smell once they are removed from the machine.

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