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Trisanne Marin: Hollywood’s Most Stylish Talent Manager

Trisanne Marin: Hollywood’s Most Stylish Talent Manager

In 2009 Trisanne Marin accepted an assistant position at LA Management, and within three months was promoted to talent manager, later becoming head of the youth department.

Over the past 11 years, Trisanne has discovered some of Hollywood’s best young actors. These include Greg Kasyan, whom she found at 7 years old and later got him one of the leads on a Netflix show, and Jordan Ver Hoeve, whom she picked from a headshot and later landed a series regular role on another Netflix show, less than a year later.

“I encourage my clients to have big dreams, regardless of their experience,” says Trisanne.

We were able to get more insight into the hard-working, experienced, and personable manager and learned some reason why she is so successful.

Why does Hollywood sometimes have a bad reputation?

I think it is due to the fact that there is no one path to reach a destination, and it often takes much longer than one would hope. This can be seen as negative, however, I think it is a chance to use one’s creativity to reach full potential. Secondly, it often comes as a shock when one realizes exactly how much time, money, and hard work is generally needed to reach stardom. 

How real was the show Entourage in relation to the industry?

Entourage is a forever favorite of mine. Though it has its share of hilarious dramatization, the show’s theme of industry professionals’ thirst for success is a very real aspect of the entertainment industry. The show emphasizes the importance of building a strong team to achieve a dream; I firmly believe stars are born out of pooled talent and consistent support. 

Typically, how often does an actor change managers in his career?

It varies for each actor. Some have the same manager their entire career, while others go through a couple to find the right chemistry. I think what is most important is the relationship between manager and actor, versus management company and actor. I believe both manager and actor need to be excited to work together, and this is a strong component of what makes a great working relationship.

What is the biggest change you have witnessed in Hollywood?

I think there is an increasing push to tell stories of diversity – which is fantastic. In addition, there is far more content than ever before due to the various platforms.

What is the most surprising show in your Netflix cue?

 “Say I Do.” I believe in supporting scripted television. That being said, reality television can be fun to watch. Aside from me being a sucker for a show about weddings and love, I was touched by the emotional aspects the experts chose to share with viewers.

Besides Los Angeles, where are the most popular places in the world to film? 

Atlanta, and Vancouver, and Toronto, Canada, are big on film and television production. Australia is popular as well, since it offers a 40% tax incentive. So, films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Great Gatsby, and Aquaman, all took advantage of the nice break.

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